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Nike 4 and Nike 8 are controlled by the Fairfax Park Authority.  We will update our website as we note field status changes on this link:
The county updates the status around 3 pm each week day.
Our fields are:
Nike 4 (turf)
Nike 8 (natural grass)
Leo Santaballa (Closed to GFLA on Tuesdays, Thursdays, 
Saturdays after 2pm and Sundays for the Spring '18 Season)
Village Field
 (access controlled by GFLA)
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Last Call to Be Listed on Donor Wall at Nike 4!
Hi parents and players past and present.   If you have...
Nike 4 Donor Wall to Recognize Supporters & GFLA Alumni!
  Dear Parents and Current & Former Players:   You...
Announcing our 2017 Coaches of the Year!
It is with great pleasure that GFLA announces the recipients of the...
Last Call to Be Listed on Donor Wall at Nike 4!

Hi parents and players past and present.   If you have been by Nike 4 recently you can see there is lots of activity as we close out the last phase of our building project there with the installation of a throwing/rebound wall for use by both lacrosse and field hockey players.   This marks the end of a journey that began almost ten years ago when parents of kids back then had the vision to do something for future generations of Great Falls kids by raising money to build a state-of-the-art lighted turf field that their own kids may never even have used.  Those parents had the foresight to choose a field material of a new technology (back then at least) that is not based on old ground up tires.   

Now it is time for current families to FINISH THE JOB by helping to close out the our remaining financial obligations on the field.  

There is an amazing new entry gate to the Nike 4 field where donors above a specified level will be listed on engraved stone tiles.  If you have been to the McLean High School turf field you can have an idea what is planned for the Nike 4 donor wall.    Also, for an additional donation, families can list their kids' names and "graduation" year (being their last year playing GFLA, typically their 8th grade season, whether in a past or future year for current players).   

If you are a family with kids who have aged out of our program but you think the early experience of a team sport with Great Falls Lacrosse and Field Hockey was important to your child's development please consider making a permanent show of support.   Also, drop by the field on a Saturday or Sunday to see what is going on and take in some lax or field hockey action! 

The engraver is coming soon.  Therefore, we are cutting off adding any new names to the wall in 2 weeks, on May 17.   

If you would like to help the cause and have your family's name listed and kids' names added, please consider making a tax deductible contribution NOW. 

The minimum donation to be listed on the wall is $1000.   Players' names can be added for an additional $250 donation each.  

Checks can be made out and sent to Great Falls Lacrosse Association, PO Box 643, Great Falls, VA 22066 or hand delivered to any Board Member.   Please indicate exactly how you want your family's name listed (and kids' names and "graduation year" if applicable). 

Any questions please contact me or Mary Ann Wagner, our Board President (mawagner@cox.net).  

Let's make this happen!! 


by posted 05/03/2018
Nike 4 Donor Wall to Recognize Supporters & GFLA Alumni!


Dear Parents and Current & Former Players:


You may have noticed some activity near the entrance of our wonderful Nike 4 field.  After many years, we are nearing the completion of the last phase of Nike 4 construction.  An impressive entry gate and donor recognition wall is almost complete.  Soon we will begin construction of a throwing wall capable of use by both lacrosse and field hockey players.   Wall Ball comes to Nike 4!


Information on the donor wall is on our website under the new tab:  Nike 4 Field Fund.   We have limited spaces to recognize both early and more recent supporters who helped to fund our investment in Nike 4.  Many of the original families who started this project years ago have kids who never even had the chance to play on Nike 4.  They did their part to make this wonderful field available for players of today and the future.  Please consider this opportunity to “pay it forward” to future families by supporting this last push to retire the field debt!   


We are also offering an opportunity for contributors at higher levels to have players listed as “alumni.”   If your kids played Great Falls lacrosse, and then took the life lessons they learned onto greater successes later, this is your chance to leave your mark on Nike 4!  For current players, we will list your child according to the year they will finish Spring in 8th grade as that is their anticipated "graduation year" out of GFLA.

by posted 07/06/2017
Announcing our 2017 Coaches of the Year!

It is with great pleasure that GFLA announces the recipients of the 2017 Bill Borland Award for Excellence in Coaching, otherwise known as the "Coach of the Year" award.   This year's recipients are:

Clark Andersen -  Boys Coach (10U A)

Dirk Young -- Girls Coach (5/6 B)


All of our coaches are top-notch.  These two non-parent coaches went above and beyond

and made us all extra proud to participate in Great Falls Lacrosse!


About Bill Borland:

Wilfred W. “Bill” Borland, Jr., grew up in Northern Virginia and attended Marshall High School where he was an avid wrestler.  He went on to wrestle at LSU and returned to Virginia after serving two years in the military, settling in Great Falls.    Bill was passionate about sports as a player, parent and coach.  Friends describe Bill as “100 percent into” coaching and supporting youth sports.   He was known for his positive coaching manner with the kids and his ability to motivate them.  These qualities enabled Bill to be a revered coach of a variety of sports, some of which he never played, including lacrosse, soccer, football and wrestling.   Bill also supported youth sports through other volunteering.  He coached Great Falls Lacrosse during its first seasons following its formation in 1995.   His varied career included construction and electrical and Bill applied his knowledge and energy toward modernizing the concession stand at Langley HS (named after Bill), bringing sewer and water lines to the stadium.   One of his last projects was to finalize the installation of drop-down lighting in the Langley wresting facility.    Bill was the father of four, Michelle, Brian, Jason and Sean, each of whom attended Langley HS and participated in sports.  Bill’s tragic death in a 2003 left a hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and members of the Great Falls lacrosse community.   We are honored each year to recognize those coaches who, like Bill, are leaving a lasting mark on our boys and girls well into the future.  

by posted 06/13/2017
Field Status
Leo Santaballa - Great Falls OPEN (5/21) 
Nike Park #4 - Great Falls OPEN (5/21) 
Nike Park #8 - Great Falls OPEN (5/21) 
Village Field - Great Falls OPEN (5/21) 

Great Falls Lacrosse is an Official Partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance

Great Falls Lacrosse is an Official Partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance




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