Great Falls Lacrosse Association

Nike 4 Field Fund

Nike 4 Field Fund


Great Falls Lacrosse Association (GFLA) needs support from the Great Falls lacrosse community to fund the re-turfing of our home field, Nike 4.


Everyone who is part of the GFLA program should be incredibly proud of what the program has become.  In the past ten years, we have won more than our share of games and championships on both the boys' and girls' sides.  More importantly, we send many players to the top high school and college lacrosse programs, and as GFLA alums continue their lacrosse careers, they consistently distinguish themselves as great players, and also great young people who represent the program and their families with class.


There are two reasons for this success, the first being a large number of Mom and Dad volunteer coaches that played lacrosse themselves, and are proud to share their love of lacrosse with the next generation.  We teach the right way to play the game, and require positive coaching training for all coaches, which is why you rarely, if ever, hear Great Falls coaches yelling at players or at the refs.  As a result of the positive environment that our coaches create, most players stay in the program until their age eligibility runs out, and every season we get more than our share of waiver requests from families in neighboring towns who want to be part of the GFLA program. 


The second key to our success is our incredible, modern, lighted turf field, Nike 4.  Anybody whose children play travel lacrosse knows how difficult it is to find quality field space at convenient times and locations.  Ten years ago, the prior generation of GFLA leadership raised $1 million to build Nike 4, in partnership with Fairfax County.  Thanks to the generosity of the Great Falls community, that debt was retired several years ago.  As a result, Great Falls has its own beautiful field space, as good or better than any travel or rec program in the DC area, available every weeknight from 4:30 to 9, and all day on weekends, right in our backyard.  Great Falls’ remarkable success in lacrosse can be traced directly to such quality space being readily available.


It was planned that the turf would be replaced in approximately ten years, but the county determined that the re-turf needs to be done a year earlier than expected, and supply chain issues are forcing us to sign a contract right away.  The net effect of these developments is that we need funds on an expedited basis.  Great Falls is required to contribute $100,000 promptly, in order to maintain our permits for future seasons. 


Please DONATE and thank you in advance for your generous donation to keep this critical resource for our kids and families available!


**If you plan to donate, we ask that you register on the GFLA site to make that online donation using the link provided, DONATE